Gone: The Disappearance of Aeryn Gillern

Gone: The Disappearance of Aeryn Gillern
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Kathy Gilleran is a twenty-year veteran police officer from Cortland, New York, just south of Syracuse. Her son, Aeryn Gillern, is a researcher working at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in Vienna and a former Mr. Gay Austria. On October 31st, 2007, Kathy receives a call from the U.N. with distressing news: Aeryn has disappeared. Upon arriving in Vienna, she learns that the police have no interest in an investigation. Detectives tell Kathy that Aeryn had been at the Kaiserbründl - an exclusive men's sauna in downtown Vienna - on the evening of October 29th when he suffered an extreme and sudden emotional breakdown, fled the sauna wearing only a towel, ran naked through the city streets, and jumped into the Danube Canal. Though her son's disappearance has been ruled a suicide, Kathy suspects there is more to the story.  This riveting and haunting documentary seeks to unravel the mystery of Aeryn's whereabouts and uncover the true reasons for the Viennese police's failure to assist Kathy as she searches for her son.