Breaking Through (DVD)

Breaking Through (DVD)
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In Breaking Through, openly LGBT elected officials at all levels—including the first gay US Senator, Tammy Baldwin—share their stories of self-doubt and triumph over multiple barriers ranging from race and poverty to gender and sexual orientation, revealing a deeply personal, rarely-seen side of politicians and gay people.

Though featuring politicians, it isn't about politics: it's about people who feel fear and shame, yearning to live meaningful lives. They reveal how they broke through barriers internally—daring to believe something different than what they were told—and externally to achieve the future they envisioned. By showing that "anything is possible," they impact people from all walks of life.

Featuring Tammy Baldwin, U.S. Senator; Barney Frank, former Congressman; Kathy Webb, State Representative, Arkansas; Kate Brown, Oregon Secretary of State, Oregon; Joel Burns, Ft Worth City Council; Alex Wan, Atlanta City Council.

84 Min | 16:9 | DVD9 | Color | NTSC | Region 1
English | Closed Captioned | Dolby Digital 5.1 | Not Rated